Who We Are

Our Beliefs

Jesus is the only path to God – a lifetime of adventure, of fulfillment, of challenge, of purpose, to salvation. The exclusivity of Jesus Christ alone to save us from our sins is non-negotiable.

The Holy Spirit’s primary role, as identified in scripture, has always been to point people to the gospel through Jesus. He empowers, He guides, and He leads people to know and serve Jesus.

Worship is intentionally and genuinely expressing your love, your devotion, and your loyalty to God in everything He created you to do and to be. The purpose of worship – God’s glory – is the foundation for who you are and everything you do.

The Bible communicates God’s truth to us and directs us how to know God. The Bible is how God communicates to you. It is fundamental to having a living, growing relationship with God.

Prayer is to spiritual growth what breath is to physical growth. Like breath, prayers of different kinds, as identified in the Bible, should be prayed all day, in and out, in and out, – silently and aloud, together and alone.

Stewardship is understanding and experiencing life as God’s steward or manager. It changes your perspective and becomes a compass for your journey of faith. Stewardship requires a basic commitment to present yourself completely to God as His humble and obedient servant, with no strings attached.

We make disciples of all peoples and all nations for the glory of God.
Our Mission Statement

Core Values


God breathed life into His Word. It is our guidebook for living.


God expects, equips, and empowers us to get involved in His gospel mission.


God created us to be in relationship with Him and with one another.


God changes us from death to life; then molds us into the image of His son.

Definition of a Disciple
A disciple is one who follows Jesus, is being transformed by Jesus, and is involved in the mission of Jesus to make disciples who make disciples.
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