These are Wednesday evening equipping courses specifically customized for men. During the school year, these studies are coordinated with women’s ministry so that the studies will mirror one another.

These gatherings are for the purpose of connection, direction, and celebration. Rallies provide opportunities for men to connect with one another through food, fellowship, and the discovery of shared affinities and interests. They also serve to help plug men into bible studies, equipping courses, d-groups, fight clubs, and upcoming events. Additionally, men’s rallies cast ministry vision and celebrate some “wins” along the way.

These are small groups of 2 or 3 men committed to meeting regularly for the purpose of transformation through relational discipleship. Fight clubs are so named because of their aim to fight sin by fighting for spiritual life and joy in Christ within the context of community. Together, men will study God’s Word, apply it personally, then prayerfully encourage one another to live in obedience to all they have studied. Fight clubs should be marked by transparency and accountability; they are designed to be safe places for men to know and be known by other men.

Curren Studies & Upcoming Men's Events

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