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2nd Peter

Peter’s second letter serves as a farewell speech to the churches in Asia Minor. Written shortly before his death, likely in the mid-late 60’s, Peter encourages believers to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord. He reminds them of what they have received in Christ and how they will need to recall these things long after he is gone. Having been fully equipped for life and godliness, Peter shows that God’s grace is the motivation for right belief and behavior. 

Peter also reminds his readers of the trustworthy word they have received from God and his own personal eyewitness account. This is given in stark contrast to the false teachers of the day. Peter encourages believers to remember how the lamp of the word exposes the empty promises of deceitful doctrines. And as surely as judgment awaits the wicked, the Lord knows how to rescue His own.

In light of such good news, Peter concludes his letter by highlighting the purpose of God’s patience and issuing a call to remain steadfast in the faith. The urgent and passionate nature of his message demands our attention today. Might we be stirred to memory as we read and study together and may we continue growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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