We are called to make disciples who make disciples. Jesus' last words on this Earth may have been His most important, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all [...]

Les’s Story


Les Battershell's story begins in a barn, continues in a discipleship relationship, is supported by a men's group, launched by the church, and ordained in the ministry. His ministry is to the forgotten horseman.

Cory’s Story


The redemptive foster and adoption story of two families, one church, one boy, and a big God!

Donaldson Story


The story of God's sovereignty in Larry and Karen Donaldson's struggle with a life-threatening illness and the support of their D-Group throughout the journey.

Mission Haiti


The same thing that is bringing fruit in Neply is the same thing that produces growth here in South Tulsa - relational discipleship, serving, loving, & walking alongside one another in day to day life. [...]

Celebrating 2015


A look at how the mission of God is accomplished at NBChurch through various ministries.