Falls Creek 2017


New Beginnings' High school and Middle School ministries spent an intensive time at Falls Creek to learn more about what it means to be a disciple and look at God's word and think about what [...]

2017 Graduating NB Seniors


Jeff Frable, Brenda Crawford, and Sonia Turney reflect on their experience as highschool small group leaders.

ELC 2017 Graduation


We want to celebrate their accomplishment, their learning, and their growth through recapping the previous year and allowing them to sing some of the songs that they learned.

ELC 2017 Closing Program


We celebrate the end of the school year with these children because this is a big accomplishment for them and families enjoy watching and listening to the things that they learned throughout the year.

Are You “N”?


The Arababic letter "N" is what Isis placed on homes during their raid into Northern Iraq marking them as "Nazarenes." Put on by Voice of the Martyrs, Exile Night was an opportunity for students and [...]

Mission Haiti


The same thing that is bringing fruit in Neply is the same thing that produces growth here in South Tulsa - relational discipleship, serving, loving, & walking alongside one another in day to day life. [...]