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Family Talking Points

Ecclesiastes means “Preacher” and is believed to be written by Solomon. 

  • Solomon was considered to be very wise and went on a quest to find what would make him happy.  We find his discoveries in Ecclesiastes.
  • Solomon found that his happiness changed depending on his circumstances.  He could not find true happiness in what life had to offer.
  • God is the only place we can find true contentment.  Life changes, but God is always the same.
  • Solomon felt empty and tried to fill that emptiness with money, pleasure and success. 
  • God is the only way to fill the emptiness
  • Many people try to build their success for their own glory. Their glory is temporary.
  • When we work as unto the Lord, we can see it as a gift.
  • Death will happen for all.  But it does not make life worthless.
  • God is forever and believers can be happy in knowing there is life in Christ.
  • We should live life knowing it will end.  With that, “Fear God and keep His commands”
  • As a believer, live your life knowing one day you will get to spend eternity with Him.

Family Game

Trust Walk
Ecclesiastes 4:9-12


In this activity, kids will learn the benefits of Community. Choose one member of the family to be blind-folded.  As a family, safely lead the blind-folded member through obstacles to a designated ending place, using voice commands or holding hands.  Each member can take a turn being blind-folded and led by the others.

Discuss Together

When you are finished, read Ecclesiastes 4:9-12.

  • Why is two better than one?
  • Has there ever been a time in your life when it was better to have two or more and not just you alone? 

NB Little Kids (Birth-K)

NB Kids (1st - 5th)

Family Activity

Nature Walk - As a family, take a walk together around your neighborhood, local park or a local favorite spot. Talk about the changes in weather and how things look different in this season. Ask why God would create seasons. Let your kids know how seasons are necessary and how they each serve a purpose.

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Recovering Eden: Ecclesiastes
Living Life Backward
Living on the Ragged Edge
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