23 05, 2018

We want a king like this?

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Samuel, the man of spiritual insight, knew all about an obscure young man even before he met up with him; Saul, the epitome of spiritual blindness, knew nothing of the most famous man in Israel even after he encountered him.

15 05, 2018

Is This Hope?

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As God's people got rid of their idols and embraced the Lord wholeheartedly, they could expect the promised benefits of a right relationship with the Lord, one of which was victory over enemies.

12 05, 2018

Detestable to the Lord?

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A very unusual thing happens in 1 Samuel 6:17-18. The present section contains the longest recorded speech given by Philistines, pagan idol worshippers, in the Old Testament (120 words in the Hebrew), as well as the Old Testament’s longest stretch of dialogue between Philistines (four consecutive statements). With remarkable concern for detail the writer records the ensuing conversational exchange between the Philistines [...]