11 01, 2019

Set Free & Made Safe!

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As was mentioned earlier this week, David’s song contained in this chapter is the same as the eighteenth Psalm. It may be sufficient simply to remark that Jewish writers have noticed a great number of very small variations in the language of the song as recorded here, from that embodied in the Book of Psalms.  Maybe, the first copy of the poem, [...]

10 01, 2019

He Protects Me!

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The appendix of 1 & 2 Samuel is chapters 22-24. At core of the appendix is David’s tribute to the Lord in song. This song was also included in the Book of Psalms (Psalms 18). The occasion for David’s thanksgiving was his deliverance from King Saul. David recalled his cry for deliverance.  The Lord, awesome in might, came to his personal rescue [...]

8 01, 2019

2 Samuel 22 = Psalm 18

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This week we will be studying the longest quotation attributed to David. 2 Samuel 22:2-51 contains 365 words in Hebrew.  This quotation also displays David’s richest variety of vocabulary. The section is written in a formal Hebrew structure. It is a classic example of Hebrew poetry.   The psalm is closely related to Psalm 18—which is itself the longest of the psalms [...]

7 01, 2019

Cause and Effect Consequences

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The next few weeks we will conclude our study of 1 & 2 Samuel. 2 Samuel 21:1-24:25 is an appendix to David’s career as the Lord’s anointed. The emphasis, of the appendix, is on David’s praise for God’s sovereign mercies and the mighty warriors the Lord used in the service of the king.  Last week we discovered that the central theme 2 [...]

1 12, 2018

Still Battling Giants

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We read in 2 Samuel 21:11–14 that when David saw the devotion of Rizpah in protecting the bodies of her sons from the carnivorous birds and beasts, he was reminded of the shameful exposure of the bodies of Saul and his son Jonathan on the walls of Beth Shan where the Philistines had displayed them after the battle of Gilboa (1 Sam. [...]

29 11, 2018

Gruesome Justice

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We read in 2 Samuel 20:11–22 that Joab took command as though nothing had happened. The troops were stopping in the road to gawk at Amasa’s corpse. So heartless Joab dragged Amasa’s body to a field and threw a garment over him, without bothering to bury him. Joab marched as far north as Abel Beth Maacah (four miles west of Dan and [...]

28 11, 2018

Violent Endings

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We read in 2 Samuel 20:1–3. The contention between the Israelite and Judean delegations at Gilgal became so heated that a Benjamite by the name of Sheba announced a revolutionary movement against David and led the Israelites to desert the king. David and the Judeans then continued their homeward journey to Jerusalem alone. Once there, David reasserted his monarchical claims by, among [...]

27 11, 2018

The Kingdom is Dividing

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We read in 2 Samuel 19:39–43 that when David and his troops crossed the Jordan and arrived at Gilgal where they were met by a throng of citizens from both Judah (the southern two tribes) and Israel (the northern twelve tribes). Israel was upset that the Judeans claimed David as one of their own to the exclusion of the other tribes (2 [...]

24 11, 2018

A Sad Summary and Warning.

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The handsome, vain, and wicked prince, Absalom, followed Hushai’s advice and led his army into slaughter in the woods of Ephraim. Certainly he was unprepared to wage war, but “Pride comes before destruction, and an arrogant spirit before a fall.” (Proverbs 16:18). This wise saying was written later, by David's son, his next heir to the throne, Solomon. Absalom caught his head and [...]

23 11, 2018

Sin’s devastating consequences

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In 2 Samuel 18:24–33. both runners, Ahimaaz, David’s courier and an unnamed Cushite, were seen from a distance. David assumed that the nearer runner was Ahimaaz. He assumed that the message Ahimaaz was conveying was good because of his trust and fondness of Ahimaaz.  The assumption was unfounded, however, for when Ahimaaz finally was able to deliver his message all he could [...]

22 11, 2018

Who will tell David of his son’s death?

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In 2 Samuel 18:19–23. When Ahimaaz, David’s courier (2 Samuel 15:36; 2 Samuel 17:17), announced that he would set out to tell to David of the army’s victory Joab prohibited him from doing so.  We cannot be certain why Joab would stop him.   Perhaps Joab wanted  to spare the king unnecessarily early grief over his son’s death.  Joab may also have [...]

21 11, 2018

Absalom is dead

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Although David had ordered his men not to hurt Absalom and although Absalom was captured and David’s soldiers refused to harm him further., bloodthirsty Joab was not so reluctant. Joab thrust Absalom in the heart with three javelins. Immediately 10 of his attendants struck Absalom to make sure he died.  Absalom had already erected a memorial (a pillar called Absalom’s Monument) to [...]

20 11, 2018

Hanging by his hair

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In 2 Samuel 18:6–18, the battle between David’s men and Absalom’s troops soon followed in the forest of Ephraim. The forest of Ephraim was a deserted place in the vicinity of Mahanaim (2 Samuel 17:24, 27) but otherwise unknown.  As terrible as Absalom’s losses were by the swords of David’s heroes (2 Samuel 18:7), they were even greater from the elements of [...]

19 11, 2018

Do not hurt my son!

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In 2 Samuel 18:1–5. David has successfully eluded Absalom ands found some security and with his supplies replenished. He quickly took measures to reorganize his troops and prepare them for the inevitable encounter with Absalom.  A third of his troops he assigned to Joab; a third to Abishai, Joab’s brother; and a third to Ittai. David determined that he would lead the [...]

17 11, 2018

Seek the Word of the Lord and Obey.

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Nevertheless, the detailed description of Ahithophel’s suicide was preceded as it is by the emphasis on his precocious wisdom (2 Samuel 15:31; 16:23).  The writer is emphasizing, critiquing, and comparing human wisdom to divine revelation.  Earlier, the counsel of the wise man Shimeah (2 Samuel 13:3–5) was shown to bring humiliation to the royal family and death to an heir of the [...]