20 07, 2018

Humble grace!

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1 Samuel 24:8–15 we see David giving an explanation to Saul for his decisions to cut his robe. he explanation. David and his men were safe in the cave, so David boldly stepped out to speak to Saul once the king had gone some distance away. Saul must have been shocked to hear the voice of his son-in-law! David explained that Saul [...]

14 07, 2018

Sin’s Tragic Consequences

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In 1 Samuel 22:11–15, Saul’s perverted mind concluded from Doeg’s report that the conspiracy against him was far larger than previously imagined. Now it was not just a son and a son-in-law out to kill him; hundreds of people, including the entire priestly establishment at Nob, were against him! In an effort to quash the revolt and deprive it of any divine [...]

13 07, 2018

A King’s Paranoid Rage

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In his paranoid rage Saul’s distorted thinking took an ugly turn as he accused his own son of being the ringleader of the anti-Saul conspiracy. As Saul now envisioned it, David was not actually Saul’s primary enemy—he was merely a pawn in a conspiracy plot devised by Jonathan! Saul considered it possible that Jonathan had hired David as a hit man in [...]

10 07, 2018

A Very Low Point!

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Ironically, David’s actions also widened the contrast between himself and Saul. David took upon himself the features of insanity to hide his sanity; Saul surrounded himself with the features of sanity to cloak his insanity.

7 07, 2018

Fleeing Hatred.

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In 1 Samuel 20:35–42 The next morning Jonathan fulfilled his commitment to David by conveying the unhoped-for news. Taking his bow, some arrows, and a “young servant with him” (1 Samuel 20:35), he went out to the rendezvous point and initiated the agreed-upon plan. Jonathan sent the servant running into the field and then “shot an arrow beyond him” (1 Samuel 20:36) [...]

6 07, 2018

3 powerful motivators: shame, guilt, and greed. 

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In 1 Samuel 20:30–34, When Jonathan lied to his father regarding David’s absence, “Saul became angry with Jonathan and shouted” at him (1 Samuel 20:30). Furthermore, Saul distanced himself from Jonathan: no longer was the royal heir referred to as “my son” (1 Samuel 14:39–42); he had now become the “son of a perverse and rebellious woman” (1 Samuel 20:30). Saul now [...]

5 07, 2018

Dysfunctional Father.

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In 1 Samuel 20:24–29  David and Jonathan’s plan was now to take place. David “hid in the countryside” (1 Samuel 20:24). At the meal of the new Moon Festival, “Saul sat down to eat.” The king sat “by the wall” (1 Samuel 20:25). Around the table were seats for Jonathan, Abner, and David. Of course, “David’s place was empty.” Though Saul noted [...]

3 07, 2018

An Ingenious Plan

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1 Samuel 20:1–10, After witnessing four attempts on his life in one day, David certainly knew of Saul’s determination to kill him. Yet to escape the king’s attacks, David would have to abandon the two most significant people in his life, his best friend Jonathan and the wife of his youth, Michal. You have to be curious, even if he were to [...]