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Pastor Phil, his wife Carol, and their three children, started in Bixby over 23 years ago when New Beginnings was meeting in a downtown Bixby store front. As a result of God's blessings, New Beginnings has become one of the fastest growing churches in Oklahoma. Pastor Phil graduated from Tulsa East Central High School (1978), and Tulsa University (1982). After serving for 11 years as a Student Pastor, at the age of twenty-nine Phil began to pastor his first church in Edgewater, Colorado. Phil received a Master’s Degree from Denver Theological Seminary (1994) and completed his doctorate in Missions and Evangelism at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2012. Phil and Carol are honored to serve God in a Kingdom minded church, with joy and longevity.
31 08, 2018

Grief expressed.

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David was overwhelmed by the reality of the royal family’s destruction. Yet as in the case of the author of Lamentations, David’s agony works like a catalyst. His pain creates one of the most sensitive and moving expressions of mourning ever penned or uttered. Gordon praises the passage as “one of the finest specimens of Hebrew poetry in the Old Testament.” David’s [...]

30 08, 2018

Grief enrages!

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David learns of Saul’s death from an Amalekite—perhaps a shiftless deserter from the armies of his own countrymen—who brags that he delivered the deathblow to Israel’s king and produces convincing evidence to support his claim. David was so enraged! after his grief was somewhat assuaged at the end of the day (vv. 11–12), that he commanded the alleged Amalekite to be executed [...]

29 08, 2018

Why Would He Lie?

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When we begin our study of 2 Samuel (2 Samuel 1:1–10), David has just returned to his home in Philistine territory. David returned to Ziklag from his successful raid against the Amalekites (1 Samuel 27:6; 2 Sam. 1:1). David brought all of the wives, sons, and daughters who had been kidnapped be the Amalekites, home.  Shortly after David returned to Ziklag he [...]

28 08, 2018

David Hears a Bad Report

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We must not only submit to Jesus Christ as King over our lives, but we must also set Him on His rightful throne. As we discovered over the past 16 weeks, 1 Samuel recorded the failure of the people’s king, Saul. 2 Samuel describes the enthronement of God’s king, David, and the establishment of the house of David. "The house/line of David” [...]

27 08, 2018

2 Samuel Starts with Bad News

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Last week we completed our time in the Bible’s book called 1 Samuel. First Samuel presents the transition from Israel’s judges to the monarchy under Saul. This week we will begin our stime in the Bible’s book called 2 Samuel. 2 Samuel deals almost exclusively with the history of David as king. It presents a vivid picture of a theocratic monarchy in [...]

25 08, 2018

Dead King Humiliated

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We read in 1 Samuel 31:7–10 that when the Israelites learned that their king was dead, they abandoned their cities and took to the wilderness. The Philistines eventually came on the bodies of Saul and his three sons, decapitated the king, displayed his armor in the temple of the goddess Ashtoreth, and impaled his body on the city wall of Beth Shan, [...]

23 08, 2018

Finally Inquirers of God

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We read in 1 Samuel 30:1–7 that due to David’s absence from Ziklag, a raiding group of Amalekite had burned the town and carried off his family and everyone else as prisoners. After a period of great weeping (1 Samuel 30:4) and  men’s threat to stone him, David inquired of the Lord through Abiathar the priest concerning His will in the matter. [...]

22 08, 2018

On the Wrong Team

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We read in 1 Samuel 29 that the Philistines and Israelite armies were gathering to fight. On the eve of the battle the Philistines had rendezvoused at Aphek, precisely where they had defeated Israel and captured the ark about 90 years earlier (1 Samuel 4:10–11). Israel took up positions by the spring in Jezreel, on the flank of Mount Gilboa, some 40 [...]

21 08, 2018

Consulting a Witch?

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We read in 1 Samuel 28:7–14 that Saul resorted to consulting a witch/medium at nearby Endor who had somehow survived the purge. Disguising himself, Saul snuck out at night to Endor. After putting her at ease, Saul asked the witch/medium to contact Samuel. Drawing on the forbidden, demonic powers of necromancy (Deuteronomy 18:10–11), she called up the spirit of Samuel.  The witch/medium [...]

18 08, 2018

Living and Lying as an Exile?

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1 Samuel 27:8–12 although David’s group “lived in Philistine territory,” he was now out from under the watchful eye of Achish. Consequently, David could used this opportunity to pursue the Torah mandate to conquer the Promised Land. “David and his men went up and raided” (1 Samuel 27:8) three different groups. God had given the land of “the Geshurites,” located in Judah’s [...]

17 08, 2018

Joining Your Enemy?

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Some time later, in 1 Samuel 27:1–4 David came to the conclusion that as long as he remained in the land, the Saul would continue to pursue him until he was “destroyed.” (1 Samuel 27:1). Full of doubt, David thought the only way to put an end to Saul’s pathological game of hide-and-seek was to move to the land of the Philistines. [...]

16 08, 2018

God’s Promise of “Sowing and Reaping.”

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After David and Abishai had gathered Saul’s “spear” and “water jug,” some distance away, David spoke “to the army and to Abner son of Ner.” Her woke them up from their supernatural slumber. Then as they regained consciousness, David began to provoke Abner with a series of four questions and a pronouncement of judgment. First, he questioned Abner’s manhood: “You’re a man, [...]

27 07, 2018

The Power of a Blessing

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In 1 Samuel 25:32–35, David was encouraged by Abigail’s words, responded with a threefold blessing, each element of which began with the word “blessed.”  First, he declared “the Lord, the God of Israel” (1 Samuel 25:32) blessed for putting it in Abigail’s heart to come to David.  Second he declared Abigail’s “discernment” (1 Samuel 25:33) which was so evident within her words, [...]