About Pastor Dr. Phil Sallee

Pastor Phil, his wife Carol, and their three children, started in Bixby over 20 years ago when New Beginnings was meeting in a downtown Bixby store front. As a result of God's blessings, New Beginnings has become one of the fastest growing churches in Oklahoma. Pastor Phil graduated from Tulsa East Central High School (1978), and Tulsa University (1982). After serving for 11 years as a Student Pastor, at the age of twenty-nine Phil began to pastor his first church in Edgewater, Colorado. Phil received a Master’s Degree from Denver Theological Seminary (1994) and completed his doctorate in Missions and Evangelism at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2012. Phil and Carol are honored to serve God in a Kingdom minded church, with joy and longevity.
14 10, 2017


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If the wages of sin is death, then only death can pay the price for sin. God’s grace provided a substitute— Jesus—who died in our place

13 10, 2017


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It is clear that growing disciple’s cannot achieve Jesus’ sinless perfection in this lifetime. However, the word holy refers to being set apart. Remember 1 Peter 1:2? Peter said the Holy Spirit had sanctified them, or set them apart, for obedience to God. This call to holiness set the expectation that they should demonstrate their new status in Christ. They could no [...]

9 10, 2017

Be Serious!

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Disciples of Jesus Christ are on mission! We have the good news that this bipolar world needs, but do we take our roles and our opportunities seriously?

5 10, 2017

Jesus’ Purpose Predicted

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Beginning with Moses, Jesus used the Prophets and the Psalms to describe how He must suffer before rising from the dead so that people might repent and receive forgiveness of their sins (Luke 24:44-47). Jesus understood the implications of His purpose. He prepared the disciples by reminding them how the prophets predicted the Messiah would suffer before entering into His glory (Luke [...]

27 09, 2017

Faith Tested

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Afflictions cause distress and discomfort, but, like fire, they can provide an environment from which purified faith emerges strong and secure.