Winning at work but losing my family.

In 2 Samuel 3:1–11 we learn that the struggle was not limited to individuals but included dynasties. This is evident 2 Samuel 3:1, “During the long war between the house of Saul and the house of David, David was growing stronger and the house of Saul was becoming weaker.” The supporters of Saul’s family were determined to resist David’s designs and to limit him to Judah.  But those of David’s dynasty were convinced that it was time for “the man after God’s own heart” to become ruler of the whole nation. 

The historian described these power plays by recounting the marriages of David to eight wives: 


David’s Wives David’s Sons
1) Michal (Saul’s daughter)
2) Ahinoam 1) Amnon
3) Abigail (Nabal’s wodow) 2) Kileab
4) Maacah (Talmai’s daughter) 3) Absolam
5) Haggith 4) Adonijah
6) Abital 5) Shephatiah
7) Eglah 6) Ithream
8) Bathsheba (Uriah’s wife) 7) Shammua, 8) Shobab, 9) Nathan, 10) Solomon


There were many other sons too: 11) Ibhar, 12) Elishua, 13) Elpelet, 14) Nogah, 15) Nepheg, 16) Japhia, 17) Elishama, 18) Eliada, 19) Eliphelet (Plus sons by concubines)

King David blew it as a father. We might be surprised to hear that David did not have it all together as a dad. But he made some serious blunders that resulted in devastating consequences for his family.  Here is a man used by God to write many of the Psalms. Here is a a great warrior who brought peace to Israel’s borders. Here is a “man after God’s own heart.”  But we also discover from Biblical history that David was far from perfect.  David blew it periodically as a leader, but he also made serious errors as a father.  David messed up and consequences that followed hurt his family.

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