A King’s Paranoid Rage

In his paranoid rage Saul’s distorted thinking took an ugly turn as he accused his own son of being the ringleader of the anti-Saul conspiracy. As Saul now envisioned it, David was not actually Saul’s primary enemy—he was merely a pawn in a conspiracy plot devised by Jonathan! Saul considered it possible that Jonathan had hired David as a hit man in a plan to become king instead of his father. Saul’s paranoid and distorted thinking may help to explain why Saul attempted to murder Jonathan only days before (1 Samuel 20:33).

Saul not only was distorted in his perception of Jonathan’s actions, but he misunderstood David’s as well; he thought David was at that moment lying “in wait,” seeking to kill him at the first opportunity.

Saul’s officials remained silent during and after the king’s ranting. The awkward silence was finally broken when, “Doeg the Edomite,” came forward with some information regarding David’s visit to Nob. Doeg reported that Ahimelech “inquired of the Lord for him and gave him provisions. He also gave him the sword of Goliath the Philistine.”

This new information gives rise to two very different conclusions. 

  1. First, it suggests that David was deeply committed to submitting to and receiving help from the Lord during his time of trouble. 
  2. Second, from Saul’s perspective it indicated that Ahimelech was using the unique powers of his office to give aid to an enemy of the king—anyone might supply David with food and a weapon, but only God’s priest could inquire of the Lord.
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