The Weight of Glory

We are learning how to shine, how to reflect God’s glory!  We have been tracking God and His glory from the beginning (Creation, Abram, Moses) to the birth of Jesus. When we better understand God’s glory it changes us!

Glory is a really important word in the Old Testament. The word “Glory” comes from a Hebrew word “כָּבוֹד = chabad” meaning weighty or important.

The word has also been used in the Old Testament to mean:

  • high honor,
  • abundance,
  • riches,
  • splendor,
  • dignity,
  • reputation,
  • and reverence.

They love this word chabad because it belonged to God. Chabad originally carried the idea of weight or substance.

The glory of God gives weight, meaning and significance to creation, to the earth, and to life itself. Life matters. Human life has the weight of glory. That’s an amazing claim.

Exodus 40:33 So Moses finished the work. 34 The cloud covered the tent of meeting, and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle. 35 Moses was unable to enter the tent of meeting because the cloud rested on it, and the glory (כָּבוֹד = chabad) of the Lord filled the tabernacle.

Psalm 19:1 The heavens declare the glory (כָּבוֹד = chabad) of God, and the sky proclaims the work of His hands.

Psalm 72:19 May His glorious name be praised forever; the whole earth is filled with His glory (כָּבוֹד = chabad). Amen and amen.

Psalm 108:5 God, be exalted above the heavens; let Your glory (כָּבוֹד = chabad) be over the whole earth.

Psalm 138:5 They will sing of the LORD’s ways, for the LORD’s glory (כָּבוֹד = chabad) is great.

The heavens declare God’s glory through common grace, but when God’s presence is manifest, that is special grace, that’s glory. The shekinah glory of God = chabad is associated with the presence of God. There is particular power in the word when it is used in reference to God.

In Exodus 40, Moses set up the tent of meeting according to God’s request. God’s glory, in the form of a cloud covered the tent of meeting, and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle.

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